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Rosemary Lloyd in Kingston upon Thames, themed photo shoot

Photo Shoot with Rosemary Lloyd

 “Singing in the Rain” with Rosemary Lloyd

Photoshoot inspired by classic film

Rosemary Lloyd and I wanted to do a 1950’s themed photo shoot. Our main influence was the classic Hollywood film “Singing in the Rain”, starring Gene Kelly. However I feel obliged to confess I have never watched “Singing in the Rain” – except for snippets!

Rosemary Lloyd is an extremely experienced professional model who has won multiple local, national and international modelling and pageant awards. These include Young Model of the Year, 2016 and Miss Worldwide, 2017. Recently I photographed Rosemary for the cover of World Class Queens of England magazine.

Rosemary supplied all the costumes and props for this photo shoot, including the male model Reginald. He grew his moustache specially for our photo shoot, and for this I am very grateful. I would love to tell you how we gave him the scar on his upper lip – but I am sad to say he already had it. Very fortuitious for the theme though.

Make up was by Cindy MUA who is based locally in Kingston upon Thames.

Hair jewellery supplied by Daisy’s Bridal Couture.

Kingston Bridge, Kingston upon Thames

The bridge in some of the photos is Kingston Bridge, which crosses the River Thames in Kingston upon Thames. The blue lighting on the bridge is courtesy of the local council (I presume). I mention this because I have been asked how I added the blue colour in Photoshop. Not guilty! However the colour does go beautifully with Rosemary’s blue dress.

Rosemary Lloyd in Kingston upon Thames, photo shoot by Ian Trayner Photo shoot by Ian Trayner in Kingston upon Thames Rosemary Lloyd in Kingston upon Thames, photo shoot by Ian Trayner Rosemary Lloyd in Kingston upon Thames, photo shoot by Ian Trayner“Hollywood Lighting”

In my studio I deliberately styled the lighting on Reginald to give a vintage feel to the images. I used studio flash fitted with small reflector dishes and grids to give hard directional lighting. This mimics the effect of fresnel lenses which were extensively used to light classic Hollywood films. I was also careful to put strong highlights on Reginald’s hair. His moustache and hair style give authenticity to his look. I particularly like the scar that graces Regninald’s lip. He looks very “gangster”. I think he is a “wise guy“. Hollywood Lighting photo shoot Hollywood Lighting photo shoot Rosemary Lloyd cinematic photo shoot by Ian Trayner

Published on the cover of NMB Magazine

Images from this photo shoot made the cover of NMB Magazine, issue 10. In addition to the cover there is a ten page article about Rosemary inside, including seven images from this photo shoot.

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Photographing jackdaws in Richmond Park

Jackdaw with a deformed beak in Richmond Park

Photographing a strange jackdaw in Richmond Park

I am not a professional wildlife photographer, and I only take photos of wild life as a hobby. Regular followers of my blog will know I have a soft spot for jackdaws, and one of the places I like to photograph these cheeky rascals is in Richmond Park.

On a recent gorgeous early autumn day, I took a camera into the park to see what I would see. I was amused to see some jackdaws eating some vomit in the car park at Pembroke Lodge, and I took some photos. Which just goes to show that “one person’s meal is another person’s vomit”. Sorry about that, but this is wild life! (Those of us who have pets know they can get up to worse).

My first photo below shows a normal jackdaw, who appears to be healthy and in superb physical condition. All the other photos are of a jackdaw with a strange deformed beak. The upper mandible appears to be more or less normal, but the lower mandible is very long. I have seen this jackdaw before, but this is the first time I got a good look at it – and only because I had a camera with a long lens with me.

My daughter pointed out that the legs of this jackdaw also don’t look normal. Compare it’s legs to the legs of the normal jackdaw and see if you agree?

And finally, is it my imagination or does this jackdaw look more bedraggled? Is it perhaps not in full health?

Photographing jackdaws in Richmond Park Photographing jackdaws in Richmond Park Photographing jackdaws in Richmond Park Photographing jackdaws in Richmond Park Photographing jackdaws in Richmond Park Jackdaw in Richmond Park Photographing jackdaws in Richmond Park


Technical Information for photographers

Just in case any of my fellow phtoographers are curious, the camera is the Olympus OM-D Mark 2, and the lens is the Zuiko 300mm. All photographs were taken hand held.

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