Ian Trayner’s photography blog

Welcome to Ian Trayner’s photography blog

I am a rather “eclectic” family and fashion photographer based in Kingston upon Thames, Surrey. I have been described as an “eclectic photographer”  (as an insult!) because I am constantly pushing my own boundaries and exploring new things. I will never be a photographer who limits himself to something called “his  style”.

Nor will I be a photographer who only takes photos of the same thing over and over. I would find that a bit boring. One of the things I love about being a photographer is the extraordinary variety that is crying out to be explored. In my view, “photography” simply means pressing a camera shutter – everything else is up for grabs. And by “everything”, I mean everything;  the style, the lighting, the location, the subject matter, the creative team, etc.

What is the purpose of my photography blog?

I love the work I do, and this photography blog provides me with a “window” in which I can share photo stuff with my friends and the general public. A blog is infinitely better for this than facebook.

Most of my photography falls into three categories;

  1. Family and portrait photography (including pets)
  2. Fashion photography (“fashion style” photography is also available to the general public, and might be very suitable for things like engagement shoots, for example)
  3. Personal projects

What can you expect to see in my photography blog?

You can expect the following;

  1. Variety (I am “eclectic”)
  2. Useful photography tips (I will briefly describe the methods used in my shoots, if I think this will be useful for aspiring photographers)
  3. Expert use of lighting (I have been described as a “Master of Light” by my peers)

Regarding the last point, Damian McGillicuddy has said, and I quote his exact words; “you are a very good photographer”. Damian is one of the most decorated photographer in the world (I mean in the number of awards he has won, not in tinsel). He is also the principle photographer in the UK for Olympus cameras.

Share and Enjoy !

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